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Hey guys!! Just posting this since my last journal was about a year ago and I noticed I have gained a lot of new watchers on this account -
The artist of this account has moved to Snorechu!

I realize a lot of the traffic I'm getting here is from my furry faces tutorial - which I fully believe is cringe worthy and really needs to be redone - so I'll be remaking the tutorial soon! Please follow me at Snorechu to see more of my work! 
Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!!!

Pho by SnorechuHappy Holidays by SnorechuJake by SnorechuSprout and Rose by Snorechu
Remember by SnorechuIris by Snorechu
Hey guys! Trying to get rid of these adoptables so I'm selling them for cheap!
All of them are $5 or 500 points, except for the magic bunny for 100 points.
Please take a look!

To claim one, comment on this journal which one(s) you want and I'll let you know when to send the payment!
Thank you!
Hello again everyone!
So I have been debating this for a long time, and I finally came to the decision to let this account go and move.

There are several reasons why I decided to move as opposed to keeping this account, including
- My art is beginning to take a new direction, and I am now beginning to build a portfolio and apply for art related jobs
- Most of my watchers on this account are no longer active so account statistics are incorrect
- Let's face it... this account has pretty much been dead for a while anyway, and I've grown a lot the past couple years while I was inactive. I feel like I'm finally starting to figure out who I am and what I want to represent, and I'm beginning to come out of my shy shell I've been locked in for so many years. I'm just getting to know myself again and I'm ready for a new beginning!

So, about the move itself....
It will take me a week or so to make the full move, and I have a few artwork re-uploads up until April 8th as of now to give me some time to complete some new stuff! (I have tons of sketches and wips as of now ahhh, and projects written down)

I have a lot of new art coming soon!! Of course I will be posting my usual OCs of course because I love them dearly, but I also have some fan art coming too, of which includes things like Pokemon, Zootopia, Animal Crossing and others.. lots of Disney/Pixar stuff ahahaha;
I also may begin to post my cosplays too!!
I really hope that you all will enjoy my new account!

Other notes:
:bulletred: I am working on finishing my to-do list and will be noting everyone their artwork once it is completed, using this account so nobody is confused.
:bulletred: The art from this account that I won't be uploading to Snorechu will be placed into folders categorized by year, so that old art trades and commissions and such will still be around for those who want it!
:bulletred: Also thank my mother, because even in death, she saved my artistic life with a little pink sketchbook.

I have tried to come up with a system so I can remain active as often as possible, so hopefully this will all work out! Thank you for reading and for everyone following me on my new account, I will see you soon!! :heart::heart::heart:

New Account
Snorechu Snorechu Snorechu Snorechu Snorechu
Snorechu Snorechu Snorechu Snorechu Snorechu
Snorechu Snorechu Snorechu Snorechu Snorechu
Would anyone like to do an Art trade? Only one, I want to pick quickly so I can draw!

To save time- Rules::
● If you are interested, in your comment please leave a link to the character you would want me to draw.
● For my side, I will ask you to draw Blue
● Please do not comment if you don't intend on drawing your side (I am starting your side immediately once we agree to it)
● Soo... basically, serious art traders only!! xD I will pick who I trade with mostly based on how much I like/want to draw your character... so please do your best on your side, and I will do my best on mine!! Thank you!!

( Comment if you want to do an Art trade WITH a link to the character you want me to draw, and I will let you lnow if I pick you!
The first 5 people to comment with a link to the character they would like drawn will receive a free colored headshot-sketch!

Thank you for participating! Keep an eye out for the next one! C:

1. scarlet-pikachu
2. AzureBluu
3. Blue-Arrow-Drawer
4. XxNeonPurplexX
5. Kyaatto

Christmas flash gifts?
These are journals that will be posted at random times for chances of free art or other possible gifts for the Christmas spirit!
Each journals gifts will be unique and the number of recipients will change depending on the type of gift.
Stay tuned for more! C:
Hello, to everyone who still remains here! (I know my account has been very dead... so let me explain what has been happening)

On the third of November, I lost probably the most important person in my life. My mom passed away from cancer, and while we were expecting it to happen, we were really all caught by surprise. It's impossible to prepare for something like that. Everything post that day has been a hectic and painful rush. It's really hard for me, because I feel like I lost my guidance in the world. My dad really isn't a part of my life so I've pretty much been at a total loss. I have felt like an entire chunk of my life was removed - I keep wanting to call her and tell her about my day and I can't. Please don't take anybody in your life for granted. Spend extra time with them, and tell them you love them, because you really don't know when it will be your last chance to say it.

So it has now been about a month since she has been gone, and I have had time to heal and try and get used to my adjusted life. I am planning on moving away from the town I live in by January, so I am really trying to save up some money to pay for my living expenses, and possibly to have a small Christmas with my boyfriend. So I'm opening commissions for a short while and really hoping to god that I can make some money for us. ;w;

Lastly, I just wanted to let you all know that I apologize for the wait on current commissions and I am getting to them asap. I am going to try and have everything finished before Christmas. Thank you all so much for your patience.

So here are my temporary commissions. These are only open until December 1st. This way I can finish everything quickly and on time. After December 1st, commissions may be permanently closed for this account.

Colored bust sketch:
$4 or 400 points
Doodle by thatWeasel

Fullbody character colored:
$12 or 1,200 points
Like these:

600 x 600 commission:
$15 or 1500 points
(2 characters maximum)
(Sorry this is a sketch to show you the size, but yours will be colored)
Iii by thatWeasel

(if you would like something different that isn't listed here, you may ask for a price for what you're looking for but the same deadline applies, please inquire before December 1st!)

I can draw humans, sonic characters, anthros, mlp, homestuck, all couple types, etc etc.
only limit really is nothing nsfw.

Payment methods are points and paypal.
Thank you so much! Please comment or note me if you're interested!

Get to Know Me?

Sun Oct 4, 2015, 10:57 AM
Hello everyone! Well, I simply want to give the chance to anybody who wants to ask me questions about anything, here you can do it!
You can ask questions about me and who I am, about my art, my characters, what I'm doing with my life - whatever it is that you would like to know about the great and mysterious weasel, buhahahaha :>  (Honestly though, I want to try and make some friends! Tell me about your day, what you like, anything you want too! Start a conversation!)

I don't really expect anybody to comment at all, but this is just something I thought I would do for anybody who may want to be friends, get to know me better, or even just want to talk about anything. I figure this will maybe help somebody else in some way or another, but it will also help me too, and maybe it will help me be more active on dA!

If there is anything you /should/ know about me, it is that I am a friendly and understanding person. To all my characters, I am most similar to Blue - but more of a quiet and cat-like sister? I'm not sure how to compare it, haha, but hopefully you get the idea c:

skin by Fablerhythm

Hey guys!!!

Wed Jun 24, 2015, 10:44 PM
Sorry for the long absence, I've been doing soooo much...
I spent the last couple weeks doing finals for college and I had to move out of my apartment because I can't afford it anymore.
I have to take a break from being on campus now because it's too far... I'll be doing online classes instead for the summer.
But that's good because it means I can try and be more active now!
I am working hard now to catch up with everything I owe for commissions,
I'm so sorry for the wait!! Thank you all so much for the patience. :heart::hug:

skin by Fablerhythm


Wed May 27, 2015, 10:32 PM
We are each switching off pages to draw and the plot is completely improvised as of right now, so this will be an interesting adventure for us all!

The comic is called "That Girl" and is about my ferret girl Blue entering a new school and meeting the shy dragon named Tanya!
Our comic will be posted to here:!
Follow that account for updates and new pages from the comic! C:

Here is the first page, drawn by :icondraton01: to begin:
That Girl.- 001 by WeaselAndDragon

I am working on the next page right now, and it will be posted within the week I hope!
I hope you guys will enjoy the comic!!!! C:

skin by Fablerhythm

A little Thing

Thu May 7, 2015, 11:35 AM
So this might be a little bit personal but I would very much like to hear from you all and if you can relate..
But I've been having this problem with myself, I suppose it is simply fear?
But I kind of hide my deviantART from my colleagues and friends because I'm afraid of being judged because I draw sonic characters and furries.
I go even as far as to hide my name and everything to keep it a secret who I am (although some of you do know very well but yeah QwQ)
And it's sort of really sad because I don't really post my art at a whole lot of other locations, and any time I want to make a new blog to use
more for portfolio typed stuff, I always feel like I can't show my furry art or else people won't like it/ or be put off by it.

So I guess my question is, do any of you other furry artists hide your work from your friends?
Or are you completely confident in what you do and don't care what other people think?

I don't know, I guess because I grew up with people that hated furries and thought sonic was childish, I've always hid it since then.
Is this fear just my lack of self confidence? Do people usually accept it when you show them?
I just need to know other people's opinions or advice about it, because I constantly feel like I need to delete half of my art gallery before showing it to anybody. Q_Q
(And I'm always so surprised when I meet people irl that also draw furries... like woah, a person that I can relate to! yay! Q0Q)
(I was even extremely embarrassed when my fiance found my dA.. only to find out they liked furries too. Like, is my fear just irrational? )

skin by Fablerhythm


Mon May 4, 2015, 7:51 PM
GO FOLLOW Sir-Jesse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They deserve hella more friends and watchers and comments on their art!!
(Plus they will absolutely MELT if you give them comments and love, I swear)
(Pls you will not regret it, their oc's are so amazing too)


Well do you see it or what by Sir-Jesse<da:thumb id="530919120"/><da:thumb id="530471603"/><da:thumb id="455622147"/><da:thumb id="529683464"/><da:thumb id="451456446"/>



skin by Fablerhythm

Another Tag

Wed Apr 29, 2015, 1:33 AM

Doing this again cause why not >w<
Tagged by WhitePhox

1. You must post this rules.

2. Each person has to share 10 fact about themselves.

3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.

4. Chose 10 people and put their icon in your journal.

5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.

6. No tag-bags.

7. You can't say that you don't do tags.

8. You MUST make up journal entry!

Facts About me!

1. I swear a lot irl and my most used word is probably “dude” (I’m really trying not to swear so much though .w.)

2. I am 5’4”- 5’5”ish O`w’O


4. My goal is to get hired by Pixar to make animated movies. ;v;

5. I am gonna cosplay Sylveon and Rhiannon sometime soon, and I might post pictures here >w<

6. I have internal conflicts often, whether it be out of organization or trying to word things correctly or stuff like that.. even though usually my first instinct is correct, I need to learn to trust it uwu

7. I am in love with Nintendo AND I PLAY SMASH BROS ADD ME ON 3DS AND WE CAN BATTLE (although I’m not that great yet dsajidksad)

8. I am obsessed with coffee, tea and comb honey, astrology, and christmas lights QwQ

9. I am allergic to honeydew melon, which is my favorite fruit in the whole world Q____Q

10. I would love to someday be able to go to comic conventions around the country and meet people ;U; (I'm sure it's every artists dream!)


Answered Questions:
1-      Favorite website to spend time on?
Probably either tumblr or deviantART… I mean, I enjoy tumblr cause I reblog a lot of funny stuff, and deviantART cos… cos art, I dunno UwU

2-  Favorite thing to draw? (if any?)
I love to draw furries and lips and noses and owls. :3

3- Most precious possession?
Sir-Jesse :meow:

But actual object wise..? Probably my tablet or 3Ds, dklsjfsds. They're the entirety of my free time.

4- Your first videogame console? (if any?)
Gamegear! :3 

5- Any bizarre/weird dream?
Oh, several.. My dreams tend to be really vivid and I dream a lot about catastrophes and "end of the world" scenarios O-O'
I have so many dreams, It's hard to list them here... but if anyone would like to have a conversation about dreams, 
feel free to ask! :3

6- A thing you're most proud of?
Um um um, well... it's hard to say. I suppose it would be that I have a wide variety of skills, instead of one specific set.
Like I enjoy crafting and making flower crowns but I also can sew and make some clothing and sculpt and stuff like that :3

7- A thing you dislike from yourself?
I don't like a lot of things ;w; I don't like how much I over think things that should be simple. It's not something that is easy to fix,

8- Most funny thing happening with friends, etc?
I couldn't decide on a funniest moment because I am constantly laughing at everything... but recently, we had a bunch of balloons floating around
in me and my roommate's apartments for a while... they all had faces drawn on them, and one night, one of the angry-faced balloons
drifted down and it's string stroked my cheek and scared the life out of me xDDDD

9 - Your favourite thing to study? (not artistically)
Oh oh oh, um, probably language!! :33 I think other languages are beautiful and I want to learn as many as I can.

10 - Your favourite character from your creations? (if any? if not, point another's character)

 Oh gosh, thats hard to say... I'm very attached to Blue because she was my first character that I made myself, and she's grown 
a lot with me. But I love all of my characters..
I also love a large amount of my friends' characters!! They're all so amazing. <3

My Questions to You!
1. What is your favorite weather?
2. If you were not an artist (or whatever your current main hobby is), what else might you be instead>
3. What is your dream job, if any?
4. Do you have any pets? If so, what kind?
5. What is your favorite animal?
6. If you had one wish right now, what would it be?
7. What is something that you would like to experience before the end of your life?
8. Do you tend to think positively or negatively? If you like, explain your reasoning!
9. If you could change into something that you aren't, (like an animal, angel, vampire etc) what would you become?
10. Who has had the most influence on you as a person?

Now, I will tag:
(sorry I've tagged some of you more than once, you dont have to do it!!)
Sir-Jesse CuddlesAndHuggles RavenBlackRose1996 Snowballflo Matthius-The-Fox aha-mccoy angeldemonpinkpup shadowwolff and whoever else wants to do it!! :3

skin by Fablerhythm

I feel like poop

Mon Apr 20, 2015, 6:30 PM
Anybody want to do an art trade or collab? I don't mind doing either colors or line art (and i know my coloring has been horrible lately cos of my cheap monitor but i'm willing to do it anyway i'm so sorrryyy)
i would like to draw magical pretty characters or really cool ones or something i dunno ;u; detailed characters are neat too cos they keep me busy
i'm really not sure what the art trade will come out like either but i will try and make it neato for you ;u;
i dunno how many i will do so just show me the character(s) you'd have me draw and i will let you know if i accepttt
thank youuu :heart:

skin by Fablerhythm

Art for a Subscription

Tue Apr 14, 2015, 10:39 PM
my premium membership expires in a few days, so I would like to offer a colored drawing in exchange for a 3 month premium.
It will be sort of experimental and hopefully a fun drawing!
I will only do one, comment below if you are interested!
Examples of my art:

skin by Fablerhythm

Um... owo

Thu Mar 5, 2015, 6:42 PM
Did somebody share my "Guide to Furry Faces" deviation somewhere..? it's gotten a lot of favorites today, and over 400 views...
Guide to Drawing Furry Faces by thatWeasel
I'm really surprised by this, so if you know why people are viewing it a lot today, I'd love to know why! 030 
Thanks so much guys :tighthug::heart::heart::heart:

skin by Fablerhythm


Wed Feb 25, 2015, 2:24 AM
Tagged by draton01! (I let this sit a little while, sorry.. but I got it done!!)


1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for 10 you tag
4. Choose 10 people and link their icons in your journal
5. Go to their page and inform them that they have tagged by you
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8. No tag-backs
9. You can't say that you don't do tags
10. You MUST make a journal entry

(I'm a rule breaker, sorry ahead of time u-u)

Facts about me!
o1. I am studying animation in college :meow:
o2. I want to dye my hair pink 0-0
o3. and get my septum pierced xD
o4. I am a poor cosplayer, so I handmake my costumes. I want to cosplay my character Rhiannon.
o5. I am currently working on a graphic novel... <.< .. >.>
o6. I love to play Animal Crossing and Smash brothers >:3
o7. I am a quiet- natured person.
o8. I studied Spanish and a little bit of Russian.
o9. My old username was gamergirl07 (for those who may not know... that was long ago, but same account *________*)
10. I really really really really love the anime Trigun (I just finished it, woooooow *_____* )

Questions to answer:
1.- where would you like to travel?
- Europe, or mountains, or to snow in general o_o

2.- have you ever done something really embarrassing? (describe it)
- My entire life is embarrassing xDDDD (jk, but really u3u) Umm, there was a time when I was in theatre production and I had a role, and I forgot my lines... in the middle of a performance.. and it was horrible! But then I improved (first and only time, woo!) and I RECOVERED AND I FELT SO COOL :dummy: >:D

3.- what's your goal in this life?
- Become a successful artist and animator, but mostly... to just be happy ;w;

4.- who's your favorite deviant artist?
I have too many ;__; Melloque, Fukari, reapersun, etc ;0;

5.- will you be interested in help me with voice acting for one of my games? :3
I don't think I would be a good voice actor :< My voice isn't interesting D:

6.- what's your favorite animal?

7.- can you share with us a secret? :3
Uh, uh, uh.....
I like to wear boxers *shot*

8.- what's the funniest thing that has happen to you?
- Oh my god, don't get me started... I laugh about the dumbest things.. xDD Once I went to make a bowl of raviollis, and I went to cook it, and the bowl just... exploded. To this day I don't know why it happened, but I sat on the kitchen floor and laughed, I still laugh thinking about it!
There was another time my fiance's brother stopped at my house to pick up something, and as we leave outside, he is sitting in his truck with a straight face looking at us, playing opera music. It was so funny...
Funny cat videos are amazing, playing skate 3 makes me laugh, photobooth videos make me laugh, Nicolas cage makes me laugh...
Just recently my sister drew a unibrow on herself and I couldn't stop laughing.
I... everything makes me laugh... xDD

9.- what do you like more about deviant art?
I like that there are a lot of people here, and I like how easy it is to share feedback ;w; On other websites it seems a lot more difficult to be found. (That, and I've had an account for 7 years.. this place is like home to me o_O

10.- would you do another tag from me after this?
yeah! :dummy:

My Questions:
1. Do you have a favorite video game?
2. If you could change something about yourself, what would you change?
3. Do you have a favorite among your OC's? :3
4. Who is your favorite fictional character?
5. If you could travel to one fictional place, where would you go?
6. What is your favorite thing do draw?
7. What is your least favorite thing in general?
8. Where would you like to live?
9. Are there any colors that you don't like?
10. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

(my questions are lame, sorry!)
I tag CuddlesAndHuggles RavenBlackRose1996 Snowballflo Poppy-fox abbykc and.... I really dunno, anyone that wants to be tagged! ;u;
(Of course you don't have to do it if you don't want to :3 )

skin by Fablerhythm

For an animated pixel character, it would be $4 with paypal.
They come with an icon too, unless you state you wouldn't want one :3

Icons look like this:

Vicon by thatWeasel

I will only do 2 right now, and the price may raise after. I may open more spaces after those are finished, if more people are interested in them ;w;
You will receive your finished pixel anywhere from 1 hour - 1 day after ordering, as they don't take too long to do.

About the Pixels
- They can be of any creature. Four-legged characters can be made too.
- Can have slight expression change or no change
- Minor pose changes can be made
- Can wink, if you prefer that to blinking.

What you get for $4

- One full animated pixel
- An Icon

:bulletgreen: - Paid

ArtisticalHusky (PAYPAL) Referance Mavies The Husky :bulletgreen:
Dokizoid Spunky What A Hipstur | Miiukka Style Spunky | I'm Naked (refer to note)
Dokizoid Damon Damon the hedgehog ref | Damon channel (refer to note)

RidiculousRickolous COMPLETED
Caramiella COMPLETED
CottonCxndy COMPLETED 
Singhter-lips COMPLETED
Blue-Arrow-Drawer COMPLETED 
draton01 COMPLETED 
PumpkinSugar COMPLETED
juqqernautt COMPLETED 
AshleytheWolff COMPLETED
AstrallyNights COMPLETED
vincent31010 COMPLETED


Hey guys, I want to do a quick headshot drawing.
Send me a link to your oc and I will pick one out of the batch to draw ;w;
I love colorful, dark, and naturistic (fawn/antler) characters best, for an idea.
Characters can be of anything and from anywhere ^^

Send me your ocs!
I swear guys, I haven't forgotten about any of you and will be updating with commissions and art very soon!

Some Updates:
First of all, I AM ENGAGED! :dummy::dummy::dummy::dummy:
Yess I feel so happy to say it, after a hectic week, it ended in the most perfect way I could imagine.

Secondly! As I have been studying art in school, I've learned a lot! So I will probably show a decent improvement within my art as I'm learning about the fundamentals I never knew before. So, yay me! I can't wait to hopefully share better quality art with you all.
But also, I am considering moving to a blog/website setting instead of dA, once I start working on my student portfolio.
I undertsand that due to my absence a lot of my followers are now inactive, but for those of you still hanging around - first of all, thank you. I will be sharing my successes with you as much as I can.

LASTLY, I shared with you all my fiance's music a while back, and had some of it posted on my page before my membership expired. For all of you who are artistic and love mysterious, psychadelic, experimental, overall fucking awesome music like I do - please check out our band!
We are releasing our EP "Underland" on December 12th. Pre-orders are available now for $7! As a special thank you we are offering physical copies signed, to the first 5 people who order!

All money made will go to them towards new equipment to help make more quality music! Your support means the world to us!!!………
:star:Please check below, and if I owe you art that is not listed here, let me know as soon as you can! :star:

My To Do List:
:bulletred: Commissions :bulletred:
Neo-Anton - Anton Plushie
Terasuchan - Jiro Plushie
Neo-Anton - Tutorial: Paws
abbykc72 - Nocturners

:bulletred: Art Trades :bulletred:

:bulletred:Waiting for: :bulletred:
fademist AT (finished my part on 12 Jul 2010)
Miatriss - AT (finished my part on 4 Jul 2012)
Fukari - AT (finished my part on 27 Jan 2015)
donioTH - Comission (paid on 31 Jul 2012)
XShadowstar - Chibi commission (Paid on 29 Jan 2015)
Vandheyithivo - Commission X2 (Blue and Steph, Rhi and Sy) (Paid on 29 Jan 2015)